Ora per i montes

y valedes tralascedes,

ancontra ai crëps dlacei

che fej da sëida al rëni

contra la tieres desgrujëntes

di Bedojeres,

nchina ju tla longia planadura

y sula rives blances dl mer

zënza eurijont

te chiere…

Y mé l miraje

de n amor perdù per for

me ciacia inant

ora per dalonces scunesciudes,

ti uedli che vëij tla nuet

ie vierces sën,

ne te vëiji plu nia

y mé l lecord me bruja

de ti paroles morbes

che l vënt destuda…

I am looking for you

everywhere in the mountains,

near the icy crags

fencing off

the dreary country

of the Bedoyeres,

down to the wide plains

and on the white shores

of the endless sea

Only the ghost

of my lost love

hunts me onwards

into unknown distances,

your eyes which shone at night

are blind now,

I cannot see you anymore,

only the memory burns me

of your tender words,

cancelled by the wind…