Midsummer blooming 2021


Midsummer blooming 2021 Multimedia project of music, art and artistic photography under the Patronage of the Istituto Nazionale Arte Cultura Spettacolo Home made recordings of significant classical and opera music  for soprano and piano appreciated and awarded on international level at the talent Music and Stars are inspired by the colors of the flowers [...]

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 RAI TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS LADIN LEGENDS RAI UNO: LINEA BIANCA  RAI DUE: IL MYTHONAUTA RAI DUE: IL PROVINCIALE On the set with Massimiliano Ossini              On the set with Davide van de Sfroos                                   [...]




A multimedia project to discover the places of the Ladin legends of the Dolomites Go to the website of the project Presentation in the program NOI Dolomites UNESCO 2021 by Dolomites UNESCO Foundation: Presentation Conference - streaming- from Trevi Centre in Bolzano/Bozen 2020 - 2021: DOLOMITES LEGENDS in [...]

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The dream of Dolasila


The dream of Dolasila (Il sogno di Dolasila) is a multimedia contemporary opera project of music, art and poetry where the ancient tradition of the legends of the Dolomites meets the opera tradition. The aim of the project is to promote the Ladin legends of the Dolomites and to make the public become aware [...]

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Events and projects


Awarded in 2019 at the Global Music Awards as soprano and composer of contemporary opera and acknowledged in 2020 as star of music professionals for her unique talent of performing as soprano and pianist at the same time at the talent Music and Stars, Susy Rottonara posts on the Videoblog of music and art [...]

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In the Castle of legends – Opera highlights


In the cultural event Ladin legends meet opera and classical music. Performances: 10/08/2014, Castle Colz, La Villa (BZ): At Moltina’s court: love and legend. Opera arias by V.Bellini and pieces from Fanes Poem Musical Live recordings La Sonnambula: "Care compagne" - Video La Sonnambula: "Sovra il sen" I Puritani: "Qui [...]

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Installation Dolasila


Dolasila: Multimedia- Installation- Event Premiere: MART Museum Rovereto. Performances at the Museo Fondazione L.Matalon in Milan and in the Italian Cultural Institute in La Valletta - Malta. The installation Dolasila promotes the ladin legends through music, art and literature. The legend of the Reign of Fanes is presented in an artistic way from the [...]

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