The dream of Dolasila


The dream of Dolasila (Il sogno di Dolasila) is a multimedia contemporary opera project of music, art and poetry where the ancient tradition of the legends of the Dolomites meets the opera tradition. The aim of the project is to promote the Ladin legends of the Dolomites and to make the public become aware [...]

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Events and projects


In 2019 Susy Rottonara creates the Videoblog Dolasila of music and art featuring highlights from famous opera arias she sings and plays the accompaniment at the piano with artistic setting. Since 2016 she has sung her original music in the multimedia concert Il sogno di Dolasila – Dolasilla (The dream of Dolasila – Dolasilla) [...]

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In the Castle of legends


In the cultural event ladin legends meet opera and classical music. Performances: 10/08/2014, Castle Colz, La Villa (BZ): At Moltina’s court: love and legend Opera aris by V.Bellini and pieces from Fanes Poem Musical Press communication Poster Programm book Gallery PRESS 11/08/2013: Castle Colz, La Villa in Badia (BZ -South Tyrol- Italy): A homage to [...]

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Installation Dolasila


Dolasila: Multimedia- Installation- Event Premiere: MART Museum Rovereto. Performances at the Museo Fondazione L.Matalon in Milan and in the Italian Cultural Institute in La Valletta - Malta. The installation Dolasila promotes the ladin legends through music, art and literature. The legend of the Reign of Fanes is presented in an artistic way from the [...]

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