Protagonist of the cultural event about the legend of the Reign of Fanes in the places of Ladin legends as expert researcher of the Ladin legends of the Dolomites and as music artist

23/08/2023, 10:30 a.m, Cortina d’Ampezzo – Fiames


the presentation by Susy Rottonara; Lois Rottonara ROTT with his artwork about the legend of the Reign of Fanes and of the battle of Fiames, that was exhibited as premiere;

the Director of the Natural Park of the Dolomites of Ampezzo Michele Da Pozzo, ROTT, Susy Rottonara and the President of the Union de i Ladin d’Anpezo Elsa Zardini

Extract from the Aria of Dolasila -contemporary opera The dream of Dolasila with original music by Susy Rottonara


Il Notiziario di Cortina

Susy Rottonara as Dolasila in the battle of Fiames in the film Le Rëgn de Fanes