The film The Reign of Fanes


The film The Reign of Fanes spreads out of a deep rooted passion for the mountains and for the ladin legends of the Dolomites mountains – Ladin ist the most ancient alpine language yet spoken today. As a child Susy Rottonara was fascinated from the mountains and from its mythic tales and she [...]

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The Film and the legend


At the beginning of the Reign of Fanes there is alliance with the marmots, that the queen of Fanes keeps as a secret as she marries a foreign king, who himself makes an alliance with the flaming eagle. When the queen begets two twin sisters -Dolasila and Lujanta- she gives Lujanta to the marmots [...]

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Awards Film


MAIN EVENTS THE FILM WAS PRESENTED AT: - 1. prize for the film score “Best Film Music” to the film music of the film The Reign of Fanes at the Renderyard Film Festival 2007 in London (UK)- 1. prize for the “Best International Score” to the film music of the film The Reign of Fanes [...]

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The main aim of the film is to give to one of the most precious inheritances in oral Ladin dolomitic tradition -that is also characterised by various classical themes- a new and privileged means of transmission through the filmic performance, achieving a living preservation of the legend and an efficacious reception both by Ladin people [...]




Today Fanes is referred to a wonderful plateau surrounded by imposing mountains between Val Badia and Ampëz and is undoubtedly one of the most beloved walking routes by mountaineers. In the legend Fanes isn't only referred to this area, but to a larger, not clearly defined one because of the many conquests achieved by the [...]


Scheda Tecnica


The film was shot in summer 2005 in some of the most fascinating dolomitic scenaries, such as the Fanes' plateau, the S.Nicolò valley in Fassa and Lake Braies. Except of the three promoters of this cultural project there were involved in the production of the film almost hundred volunteers -as principal actors, extras, collaborators- from [...]

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MAIN EVENTS THE FILM WAS PRESENTED AT many Internationalen Festivals, where it was awarded in the central site of the CAI in Milano –V.Emanuele Gallery at the international event Montagna Libri Milano (2006) at the summer –cultural festival Dia de la cultura in Alghero in Sardegna in the central site of the catalanic minority (2006) [...]




The DVD of the film The Reign of Fanes is now available in four versions: Original Ladin, with speaker and subtitles in Italian, German and English (PAL / NTSC). (PAL/NTSC). Download information:i

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