In 2019 Susy Rottonara creates the Videoblog Dolasila of music and art featuring highlights from famous opera arias she sings and plays the accompaniment at the piano with artistic setting.

Since 2016 she has sung her original music in the multimedia concert Il sogno di Dolasila – Dolasilla (The dream of Dolasila – Dolasilla) in a tournée in the main theatres of South Tyrol and in the Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan -original music in the digital album. It tells the ancient myth of the Reign of Fanes from the point of view of the protagonist Dolasila and aims to make the public become aware of actual themes in the mythic tale. It was also staged as video installation  in the context of the 57. Biennale d’arte di Venezia, on occasion of the European Day of Languages 2018 and hosted by the Società Dante Alighieri. Read more…

Besides the multimedia productions with her original music awarded internationally like the experimental opera Fanes Poem Musical and the multimedia installation Dolasilastaged in Italy and abroad, she is author and protagonist of special cultural events and concerts where she performs opera arias and her music related to Ladin legends like the event In the Castle of Legends.

She has performed in particular occasions and at international festivals and meetings like the Task Force Cross Border Culture in Belgium in 2014, the European Expert Seminar “The Ethnocultural dimensions in education” in the Netherlands, at the European Football Championship of autochthonous national minorities in 2016 in Badia valley, at the Salone Internazionale del Libro in Torino in 2008, at the 79th International Congress of the Dante Alighieri Society in Bolzano and at many other events organized by the Cultural Association Fanes, by companies and by privates.

Video performances with self accompaniment on the piano

27/07/2018, ROTT – music and art: vernissage retrospective exhibition

Extract from Jardin sous la plouie by C.Debussy

Special events

Big Opera and Instrumental Concert “Grande Concerto lirico strumentale e vocale” with famous musicians of the international scenery and from the Lombardia: arias from Fanes Poem Musical and performance as soprano and pianist -playing herself the accompaniment at the piano- in opera arias, lieder and pieces of chamber music.

03/09/2015 – Vernissage of the Exhibition Horses by ROTT, Raiffeisen Gallery Brunico:

Susy Rottonara – soprano, piano: pieces by C.Debussy, Lieder by R.Strauss

Vernissage of the of the Exhibition Mother by Rott in the 200th birthday anniversary of F.Liszt: Pieces for piano solo and songs self -accompanied at the piano.


La Stüa musicala (The musical hall) –The Romanticism in the music by F.Chopin: Musical evening with pieces for piano solo by F.Chopin and presentation of the composer.