In 2006, after the production of the film The Reign of Fanes, Susy Rottonara founds the Cultural Association Fanes together with the other two authors of the film Roland Verra and Hans Peter Karbon. Afterwards many other fans of ladin legends joined them in the Association.

The cultural association Fanes wants to promote and preserve the Ladin culture, especially Ladin legends and history. The main aim of this association is the promotion of Ladin culture in the Ladin area and beyond its boarders through various forms of art -filmic, literary, musical and art productions- and cultural events in collaboration with other cultural institutions as Universities, museums, libraries, festivals, meetings, cultural magazines and getting in contact with other linguistic minorities and legend-fans on national and international level.

The symbol of the cultural association Fanes is a blue star on silver background as it was painted on the shields of Dolasila’s warriors in memory of the princess and her Rajëta according to the ancient ladin tradition. This symbol represents the engagement of the Association for a living preservation of the tradition of Ladin legends.

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