The legend tells about the fall of the mythic Reign of Fanes, caused by the longing for increasing power of the last king of Fanes, who obliges one of his twin-daughters, Dolasila, to fight against the neighbour people with bewitched weapons. Dolasila wears a precious gem called Rajëta, that is the symbol of power and at first belonged to the wicked sorcerer Spina de Mul, who tries to get it back. The love story between the princess Dolasila and the enemy prince Ey de Net is spoiled by the ambition of the king of Fanes, who even betrays his own people to get the Aurona’s treasure. Dolasila dies as a glorious warrior and her twin sister Lujanta leads the survived Fanes in the underground reign of the marmots, traditional allies of the Fanes’. The tale ends with the prophecy of the promised time, in which the Fanes will be living in peace and prosperity.



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