Nosc amor

Nosc amor mei flurì
à vivù na sëula sajon
dla prima ansciuda,
canche la nëif delëiga plan
y mé spéresc cuca sù
ciofs bunerives tló y iló,
ancontra al surëdl lëis
che sciauda puech…
Nosc amor mei madurì,
fat de sëmiesc y paroles lesieres
che desfantea riesc
ala lum dl di
y contra la ridà di granc
che fej damat
cun nosc destin,
bele senià tla lijënda…
Nosc amor perdù per for.

Our love

Our never-flourished love
lived only one short season
of early spring,
when snow is late to melt
and only few little flowers
wake up now and then,
towards a weak sun
which barely warms…
Our never-ripened love,
made of dreams and whispered words,
vanishing fast
at the light of day
against the hate of mighty people
who play
with our destiny,
a part of a legend already…
Our forever lost love.