The film The Reign of Fanes was presented in many occasions with educational purpose in various schools and school levels and also in other public occasions for a public of children and families.

Fanes Poem Musical – The Musical Poem of the Dolomites was staged with didactic purpose and particularly for a public of children and families in 2009 in the natural setting of the Dolomites mountains.

Susy Rottonara has been also music teacher and works at projects for music education in all school levels.

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Moreover, Susy Rottonara has organised many events for children about ladin legends in collaboration with the Cultural Association Fanes such as:

Guided tour on the path of the legends:

Legends and songs:

Trailer of Fanes Poem Musical for children, recording and broadcasting by Television RAI TV Ladina of Bolzano, DVD with subtitles in Italian, German and English (PAL/NTSC)

Project Leggendiario with original music by Susy Rottonara from Le Rëgn de Fanes

Collaboration with editors for recording productions:
Giunti Editori – CD Il Regno dei Fanes, attached to the book of the same name by Brunamaria Dal Lago Veneri Ladin Pedagogical Institute / Ladin Culture/ Autonomous Province of Bolzano: CD Fanes Poem Musical with didactic purpose