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Welcome on Susy Rottonara’s Website

Susy Rottonara Dolasila, daughter of the famous artist ROTT – Lois Rottonara – is an international awards winning musical artist and Ladin cultural ambassador. Soprano, pianist and author of experimental music, where her voice finds new ways of expression between classical and modern music.Susy gets inspiration to write her music from the wild nature of the Dolomites mountains where she has grown up and from the mythic tales –legends– set in their landscapes, especially from the legend of the Reign of Fanes (summary). She plays the role of the protagonist princess Dolasila and bounds her artistic image to this figure. She is author of particular cultural events, concerts and experimental projects, where her musical performance is integrated by multimedia –from art and video to poetry and literature. Qualifications and artistic experience: Born in Milan, where she specializes in opera singing. Degree cum laude in Foreign languages and literatures; Degree at the Conservatory of Music in piano and singing, many master-classes, national and international artistic experience in various roles, many international awards; Read more..


Events and projects

Thanks to the success of her original musical activity, recognised by many international awards, Susy plans particular events, concerts and experimental projects, where she performs [...]

Rott: music and art

Susy Rottonara has always worked together with her father, the famous artist Rott, at projects about ladin legends. In 2017 a video installation of music [...]

Productions for children

The film The Reign of Fanes was presented in many occasions with educational purpose in various schools and school levels and also in other public [...]